new cre room

Multi-generational Fall CRE Program

“Circle of Trees” is an eight week multi-generational program that nurtures a deep connection with trees, nature, and all of earth’s living creatures. We will use trees as an entry point to understand and connect with life on earth. Across many cultures, trees are recognized as a symbol for life on earth—for example, the biblical Tree of Life. Even young children understand trees as sustainers of life, fundamental engines of life on earth as we know it. Trees create and purify the air we breathe. They house and provide resources for myriad creatures, including humans. They bring us peace, joy, and delight.

We welcome everyone in this program, even if you don’t have kids! Each week includes stories, videos, meditations, and other activities that are engaging for all ages and there is no obligation to complete anything. I highly recommend everyone sign up!

The program will start on Monday, Sept. 14th, and will be email based. If you are interested in joining, please use this form.

For more information, please email Tatum Kenn.

The Trico General Store Playhouse

This wonderful playhouse will be ready when we are allowed to come back to our sacred Diversity Hall! Thanks to a very capable Trico Construction crew and heavy equipment, the magic playhouse sailed over the fence and landed in the Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship play yard. Four little stick horses and a box of supplies for the Skagit General Store are patiently waiting for the children on Sunday morning.