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Multi-platform Sunday Services

Based on current UUA guidance and after careful consideration of risk, benefits, and options the Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship plans to begin multiplatform Sunday Services in April 2022.  The services will continue to be Sundays at 10:30 AM and can be accessed via Zoom link for those on the email list, can be heard as an audio podcast from our website (as a recording after the service), or the service can be attended in person at our building in Mount Vernon. 

Speakers and Ministers can choose to participate in person at our location in Mount Vernon or via Zoom. If they participate via zoom, they will be projected onto the screen in Diversity Hall in our physical location as well as online via Zoom and YouTube streaming service.  If they participate in person they will speak from the lectern in Diversity Hall and will be expected to be fully vaccinated and wear a mask. If they prefer, they may perform their own rapid test within 2 hours of the service; and if that is negative they may speak from the lectern without a mask.  However speakers will be expected to wear a mask before and after the service while in the building. 

Staff and volunteers who are necessary to participate in-person and on-site are expected to be fully vaccinated and will need to wear a mask at all times while inside the building on the day of service. In the event that staff and volunteers needed for in-person services are unable to participate in-person, then the service will be held fully online (zoom and YouTube streaming) and every effort will be made to notify members and post signage on the building in advance, if possible. 

In person attendees of the services are expected to be fully vaccinated and to wear a mask over their nose and mouth while inside the building.  

Small groups who would like to meet in person must have an agreement among all participants if they choose to meet indoors.  Consideration should be given to continuing small group meetings on zoom or in a hybrid fashion for the equity and comfort of all participants.  All participants meeting indoors should be vaccinated and wear a mask the entire time they are in the building. 

Masks may be removed when outside the building by those that are interested in doing so, but physical distancing is encouraged.  This may allow for coffee-hour with snacks and beverages outside only. 

For those who choose to attend in person (Sunday Services, small groups, as staff, as speakers or as attendees/participants), there are some very important things to be aware of:

    • Our building does not currently have good ventilation. This increases the risk of contracting airborne illness, including COVID-19. 

    • All in attendance should be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 per the current CDC guidelines. 

    • All in attendance are expected to wear a mask over their nose and mouth the entire time they are inside the building.  (This is for participants age 3 years and older)

    • People should not attend if they have had a runny nose or cough or fever in the previous 5 days.  In times of increased prevalence of infection in the community, individuals should consider returning to online attendance. 

*The term vaccinated implies fully vaccinated and boosted per CDC guidelines based on the individual’s age and health status. 


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