July 12, 2020

Miracle of Close Attention and Focused Thought


It is a miracle that a big bang of energy precipitated into particles and congealed into galaxies. It is a miracle that life blossomed on at least one planet we know of. It is a miracle that at least one species on that planet developed language and tools, and consciousness. But it is a miracle that anything exists at all. This summer our Religious Education Curriculum, titled "Miracles," focuses on any phenomena that inspires awe and wonder. And this summer our Sunday services will include ideas and themes to loosely track that CRE curriculum. It is our good luck to have Tatum Kenn as our new Director of CRE; at some point in each service she will summarize the previous week's lesson. This curriculum is intended for all generations. This is a new summer format. While one congregant will still lead the general direction of the service, it will be comprised of a number of segments contributed by various participants, to deliver a group production with more variety and zing and more faces to smile at.