What/Where is Home?

June 18, 2023
It’s different things for different people: Refugees, lonely people, climate escapees, the homeless on our streets. Let’s consider some challenges, and some solutions.

Dark Secrets

April 16, 2023
The potentially devastating, long-term effects of Dark Secrets. The short-term reprieve one may have when the truth is hidden often comes at a great price later, bearing a high-interest rate.…

A Magic Bullet

February 12, 2023
I have a dream of a world where people talk to each other with respect and compassion and are there for each other when they need it. Where armed conflicts,…

The Greatest Gift

December 18, 2022
It’s the busy season of gifting: shopping in person, online; waiting for packages to arrive; wrapping, shipping, and cooking. Oh my! No wonder people feel stressed in the season which…

Other Perspectives: Part 2

October 30, 2022
Remember that fable about the blind men, each of whom touches one part of the elephant? Each thinks he knows the truth, but the truth is larger than what each…

Out of the Ashes

January 24, 2021
Think of all the things that wore you down last year – things that wore down your energy, broke your body, your heart, or your spirit. There have been other…