Sufism, the Mystical Path of Love

Sufism is both a mystical and experiential path of spiritual awakening. This path begins with God (The Beloved) giving birth to the Lover (me perhaps) with the understanding that the Lover must “forget” her origin in God. Thus, the Lover is tasked with traveling alone for a time — for years, decades, or even lifetimes. You see, the Lover must forget its origin in God; however, the Heart of the Lover can never be separated from God. Thus, it is the Heart of the Lover that experiences the underlying agony of separation that drives and motivates the Lover to begin to turn her attention away from the world and toward the path to Home. Once on this path, the Lover will find God; and then she will utilize various means and practices to be with God. When the last veil of the 70 veils of protection and revelation is lifted, the Lover shall REMEMBER fully who she has always been. And with this final revelation, the Lover merges once again with the Beloved and once again, there is but ONE.