Speaker: Victoria Poling

Utopian Visions and Practical Impacts

We’ll explore movements in Universalism of the Early 20th Century ranging from spiritualist communications with ancestors to moderate social reform. Come and learn so much more in this, our fourth installment of this year’s “UU 101” series.

Celebrant: Peggy Bissell

We Owe Our Faith to a Kindergarten Teacher

Elizabeth Peabody is best known today as one of the founders of the Kindergarten movement. But did you know that she was the glue that held early Unitarians, Transcendentalists, and other liberal and radical religious Congregationalists together? She also ran a bookstore in Boston, published … read more.

The American Thanksgiving Story as a UU Story

Our UU religious ancestors trace back to the Northern European Pilgrims who sought religious freedom in a new world. In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s explore how UU history and identity are woven into the story of the United States.

Following this service we’ll … read more.

UU 101 – Part 1

The spring survey results were very clear: our congregation wants to know more about our own Unitarian Universalist religion. Victoria will lead us on a journey exploring our roots, our values, and how we came to be the religion we are today. This is the … read more.