February Sunday Services at 10:30 am:

January 28
Speaker: Gary Giles

Celebrant: Anneliese Sherman
Music: Jacyann McIntosh-O'Neal

We Shall Not Sleep, the Voices of Our Ancestors

Experience history brought to life as Gary portrays three key gures in African American history: Frederick Douglass, William Still and Dr. Martin Luther King. His powerful narration, in addition to actual historical photographs, will leave us inspired, empowered and eager to carry the torch into February, Black History Month, and into the next generations.

Fourth Sunday donation: Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) of Skagit County, to “... provide support, education, and advocacy for GLBTQ people and their loved ones who live here among us, in our own neighborhoods and towns ...”

February 4
Speaker: Rev. Vincent Lachina

Celebrant: Rosemary Stevens

On Being a Modern Day Prophet

Most people who choose to be activists don't realize it, but they have a great deal in common with our ancestral prophets. Stepping forward to speak the truth when it is unpopular, or acting to right a wrong takes the same courage that the prophets of old displayed. So what makes a modern day prophet? We'll address that and you can determine if you are a prophet, or if you even want to be one.

Celebrating Church Life: Our special service will be in two parts We will have our usual morning service but in a shortened version. Then we will have a wonderful opportunity to hear about the work done in our SUUF congregation and what the Leadership Council hopes for our future. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, offer ideas, or spend some time celebrating a person or some work in our church. Come expecting a joyful experience with a great deal to celebrate!

February 11
Speaker: Congregation
Celebrant: Matt Bianconi

Love Comes In Many Shapes

In preparation for Valentine's Day, join us for a special service dedicated to those people and things we hold most dear. We'll make a valentine for a special someone. We'll sing a few time-honored love songs. And you'll have the opportunity to share what you "love". But with a twist. Anything goes. Do you have a love relationship with pasta? Your dog? Your favorite niece? Feel free to bring a memento to share as well. So what shape does your love come in?

February 18
Speaker: Victoria Poling
Celebrant: Anneliese Sherman

Listening To Trees

As some of Earth's oldest living individuals, trees have much to teach us about long-term relationships: to ourselves, to each other, and to all that there is. Drawing on poetry and science, we'll explore the solace, nourishment, and wisdom of our leafy companions.

February 25

Speaker: Jonathan Prescott
Celebrant: Susan Thayer

Making Friends With Death

Death always comes. Expected or unexpected. And it leaves us in the ripples of many emotions...sorrow, resignation, anger, relief... And how do we talk TO someone who is dying? How do we talk to someone ABOUT dying? Jonathan will help us to nd some peace with this process of saying goodbye.

Fourth Sunday donation: Mount Baker Planned Parenthood