Welcome to Skagit Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship!

At Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we honor and embrace differences of belief, and we extend love and acceptance to all people, no matter what their religious tradition is or has been. We are not bound by a creed; we walk together, supporting each person’s individual spiritual path in the search for answers to religious or spiritual questions. We understand that this search will be unique to each individual, but the common thread that joins us all is a sense of joyful purpose. Finding the answers that inspire us and that lead to a renewal of the spirit is serious work, but we believe laughter and joy to be appropriate companions along the way.

It can be uncomfortable to enter a new church for the first time. Am I dressed right? Will people welcome me? Will their beliefs seem strange, or will I be expected to do something I find uncomfortable? Should I bring my kids? What if my family is non-traditional?

We’ve made a page to answer these and other questions. We hope you will be as comfortable as possible in taking that first step through the Fellowship door.

— The SUUF Board of Trustees