May 7, 2023
We hear the word "suffering" but what does it really mean? Please join Jonathan Prescott as he explores six ways you may be suffering and six ways to restore your…

Wise Caregiving

February 26, 2023
Our world’s contemplative traditions arose to help people make sense of life’s challenges. Jonathan Prescott founded Wise Caregiving to help caregivers, patients, and seekers use this contemplative wisdom to become…


June 5, 2022
Happiness! Doesn't that word sound good? We can water seeds that grow into happiness. We can trust happiness as an indicator that we’re on a good path. We can also…

The Ins and Out of Peace

April 3, 2022
What can peace look like? Perhaps external peace can only happen when we experience internal peace first. Please join Jonathan Prescott for some thoughts on how we can be the…

All About Love

February 6, 2022
Jonathan returns with an early Valentine for all of us this week. It's all about that elusive 4-letter word: love. In his words: "Love" is a word that describes many…


December 5, 2021
It's easy to see how sitting on the couch all day can be called laziness. But can laziness also be our chronic tendency to do too much?

How to Speak Zenglish

June 13, 2021
Zen is filled with stories and sayings that don’t seem to make sense. Zen Masters shout, stomp, and strike; they blow out candles and leave students in the dark; they…

Watering Good Seeds

April 11, 2021
A look at Buddhism’s 2,600 year old psychology of the mind. Buddhism had a rich understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind millennia before Freud. What can it teach us…

Random Acts of Kindness

February 14, 2021
Valentine's Day is a good time to think about how acts of love can be transformational, even in a virtual year. And kindness - just that one loving word -…