June 6, 2021

Flower Communion

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This is a special Sunday indeed! We are joining our border neighbors at Free Church Unitarian, Blaine for their annual Flower Communion. We'll first gather together among ourselves using the SUUF link at our usual time - 10:30. We'll chat together for a few minutes, share some announcements and then review how to move on together to our host church.

The BLAINE link will come to you in Sunday's usual reminder email. Both links (ours AND Blaine) will be posted there. Please save that email and have it ready at 10:50 Sunday when we leave our gathering and join the congregation in Blaine for their 11:00 start. Have a flower handy, near your device, to hold up during the blessing, as a display of community with the Blaine congregation. And as a special treat, our own Kathy Roche-Zujko, with her musical partner Susan Pierson, will be performing during the service!

A Zoom link will be emailed to you on Sunday!